First World Fantasy Convention 1975 Panel Recordings

This video features two panel discussions recorded at the First World Fantasy Convention, held in Providence, Rhode Island (home of the late H.P. Lovecraft) in 1975. The first panel features fantasy & horror authors speaking about how they came to write fantasy and supernatural fiction. Moderated by cartoonist Gahan Wilson, authors include Joseph Payne Brennan, Robert Bloch, Frank Belknap Long and Manly Wade Wellman (speaking in that order). All authors on this panel were published by Arkham House.

The second panel discussion is about fantasy and supernatural horror publishing. It is again moderated by artist & cartoonist Gahan Wilson, the speakers include publisher Donald A. Wollheim and author Robert Bloch.

The audio was recorded in October 1975 by and for Myrddin Press, which published the fanzine Myrddin. The recordings were made with a Sony monophonic cassette recorder, and parts of it appeared on a paper-thin flexible vinyl disc that came with the third issue of Myrddin. The three files uploaded here contain the clearest and most interesting portions from the tapes. Much of the rest is inaudible. (Source: Archive.Org)

Myrddin Fanzine:

Photos from the event.

For additional background please visit James McGlothin’s article at Black Gate. Which brought these recordings to my attention.

Pulp Crazy – Riddick and Robert E. Howard


Mario Zakall joins me in discussing the Riddick films and the works of Robert E. Howard. Kull of Atlantis, Conan of Cimmeria and Richard B. Riddick of Furya are discussed. **Warning, We Do Go Into Detail about the new Riddick film and past Robert E. Howard stories, so spoilers ahoy**



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Pulpfest 2012- Tarzan: A Hero For the Ages


Henry Franke discusses Edgar Rice Burroughs and Tarzan.

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Pulpfest 2012 – John W. Campbell & The Golden Age of Science Fiction


Ed Hulse and Garyn Roberts discuss John W. Campbell and his influence on the Golden Age of Science Fiction.


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Pulp Crazy – Batman: Detective #27


In this weeks episode I discuss Batman: Detective #27 by Michael Uslan and Peter Snejbjerg. Detective #27 could be described as, “What If Bruce Wayne Was a Pulp Hero?” The book contains many guest stars, both historical and fictional.

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Pulpfest 2012 – The French Connection

Rick Lai discusses how French Literature influenced Pulp tales.

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Pulpfest 2012 – The Rise and Fall of the Pulps


Pulp historian John Locke discusses the Rise and Fall of the Pulps. This was a special presentation at the Ohio State University Library in conjunction with Pulpfest 2012.

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