The Shadow: Midnight in Moscow & PJF’s Wold Newton Family


I have an article published on that explains how Philip Jose Farmer’s Wold Newton Family concept was depicted in The Shadow: Midnight in Moscow #1 by Howard Chaykin.

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Pulp Crazy – The Shadow Over Innsmouth by Ron Marz and Ivan Rodriguez

In this weeks episode I will be discussing The Shadow Over Innsmouth, it’s a crossover comic that puts The Shadow and Margo Lane in Innsmouth, from the story The Shadow Over Innsmouth by H.P. Lovecraft. The cleverly titled one-shot issue came out this week and is written by Ron Marz and illustrated by Ivan Rodriguez.

This is going to be a somewhat negative review, as far as the story goes. The artwork by Ivan Rodriguez is amazing and I hope to see him on future Shadow and pulp projects from Dynamite, but the choices made in regards to the storyline didn’t do it for me. This is most likely due to my own preconceived notions about what genre the story would actually be in, but I was disappointed non-the less being more of a Lovecraft fan than a Shadow fan. I like the Shadow a great deal, but I am more fond of Lovecraft’s mythos.


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Pulp Crazy – With Dust Their Glittering Towers by Christopher Paul Carey

In this special edition I will be discussing “With Dust Their Glittering Towers” by Christopher Paul Carey. It is a short story that has been recently published in “The Many Tortures of Anthony Cardno” by Talekyn Press. The anthology is edited by Anthony Cardno and all stories feature a tuckerized version of him. All sales proceeds of “The Many Tortures of Anthony Cardno” go directly to the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life.

While Christopher Paul Carey’s name is no stranger to pulp fans, we are shown a different style in “With Dust Their Glittering Towers”. This is the first story in what Chris refers to as The Fly-Leaves cycle. It is a piece of historical fantasy set in Highgate, London during the Victorian Era.

The story focuses on Alicia Leath, a young woman who is a member of the Bacon Society of London. The Society is dedicated to studying and investigating the life and works of noted English philosopher, scientist, politician and author Francis Bacon who lived from 1561-1626. It is believed by some that Bacon wrote some or nearly all of the plays attributed to William Shakespeare. As a matter of fact the story’s title is a nod to a verse from Shakespeare’s “The Rape of Lucrece”. Bacon was the first scientist to be knighted and later became a Baron and a Viscount. Bacon died of pneumonia in Highgate at the Earl of Arundel’s house on April 9, 1625. Ironically this may have been due to him experimenting with snow, using it to preserve the flesh of a slaughtered hen. But did he really die? In “With Dust Their Glittering Towers”, the lead character, Alicia, actually travels to Arundel House to investigate the historical site.

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Pulp Crazy – Sleuth Girl by Don George

In this weeks episode I will be discussing “Sleuth Girl” by Don George. It is a crime story that appeared in the June 1939 issue of Ten Detective Aces. The story is only two pages long and I read it off of the PulpGen website.

The story focuses on Detective Wilcy Whitaker and his partner the titular Sleuth Girl. The two of them are in a park undercover, trying to draw out a criminal known as the Prowler who has been robbing and murdering couples in the park. Assisting them is the woman’s pet squirrel named Red.

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Pulp Crazy – The Shadow #0

In this weeks episode I will be discussing The Shadow #0 published by Dynamite Entertainment. This issue came into comic shops this week and features The Shadow training with Harry Houdini. The issue is written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Colton Worley. Marc Rueda provided the colors and Rob Steen was the letterer.

The issue takes place in two separate time periods. One portion is set in New York City in 1925 with Lamont Cranston being trained in the art of escape by Harry Houdini. Another portion takes place in Los Angeles in 1936 with The Shadow venturing into the lair of the Society of United Magicians to save Houdini’s kidnapped widow, Bess. Combining The Shadow and Houdini is a great idea. Walter Gibson, the creator of the pulp Shadow was a magician himself and ghost wrote for Houdini. Houdini himself was also a credited pulp writer. He is credited for writing the story Under the Pyramids for the 50th Anniversary issue of Weird Tales. In reality this was ghost written by H.P. Lovecraft based on an idea by Houdini.


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Pulp Crazy – Adept’s Gambit the Original Version by Fritz Leiber

In this week’s episode I will be discussing the original version of Adept’s Gambit by Fritz Leiber. Adept’s Gambit is a sword & sorcery tale starring Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. The original manuscript which contains references to the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft has been unearthed and published by Arcane Wisdom Press, edited by S.T. Joshi. This new limited edition hardcover contains bonus features including annotations from S.T. Joshi, an introduction from Joshi and Lovecraft’s commentary on the original version of Adept’s Gambit.


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Pulp Crazy – Ignition City

In this weeks episode I will be discussing Ignition City. It is a alternate history science fiction comic book mini series that was published in 2009 by Avatar Press. The five issue mini series was written by Warren Ellis, illustrated by Gianluca Pagliarani, inked by Chris Dier and colored by Digikore Studios. The series is also available in trade paperback, hardcover or digital.

The series is set in 1956, in Ignition City, the last space port on Earth on an island located along the equator. Pulp fans will be interested in the series due to the cast being analogues of the great science fiction characters of yesterday. Analogues for Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, Doctor Hans Zarkov and Ming the Merciless are present, as well as Buck Rogers, an antagonist wearing Commando Cody’s rocket pack and helmet, and a former Lensman

There are also real life characters such as Lionel Kenneth Crabb, also known as Buster. Also making an appearance is Yuri Gagarin.

Despite many intergalactic adventures in the past, in this series personal spaceflight is starting to become outlawed by governments all over the world. Ignition City is the final haven for the space faring heroes of the 30s and 40s. Think of Ignition City as Deadwood, but populated by classic science fiction characters who all have their best years behind them. The star of the series is Mary Raven, the daughter of famed pilot Rock Raven who seems to be based on British Science Fiction hero Dan Dare. She travels to Ignition City to investigate her fathers recent death. She is a pilot herself and slings a mean ray gun. She is the POV character you experience Ignition City through.


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