2018 Challenge/Resolution

The challenge/New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to read 365 short stories. I’m basically piggybacking on the goal of Trent A. Reynolds, who is  a fellow member of this FaceBook Group dedicated to classic paperbacks. Something about this goal spoke to me, it’s lofty, yet realistic. The plan is to do episodes on some of these yarns as well, which will help fulfill anothere New Year’s resolution of mine, more Pulp Crazy episodes. Thanks for the idea, Trent.

I’ll be keeping a running tally at this link:  http://pulpcrazy.com/?page_id=1324


Short Story Title, Author, Collection/Anthology Title, Publisher, Date Read

1. “The Axe Bites Deep” by Philip Ketchum, Bretwalda, Altus Press (1/05/2018)

2. “Vandal” by Philip Ketchum, Bretwalda, Altus Press (1/05/2018)