Pulp Crazy – The Farmerian Tarzan


In this week’s episode Chris and Chuck discuss the Farmerian Tarzan, focusing on Philip José Farmer’s official Tarzan projects, Tarzan Alive and The Dark Heart of Time: A Tarzan Novel. Farmer was a lifelong Tarzan fan, and while Tarzan Alive is often spoken of, The Dark Heart of Time seems to be neglected. The Dark Heart of Time also gets a bad rap for having extraterrestrial science fiction elements, but as it turns out, that’s just Farmer going over most of our heads. In this episode Chris explains that Farmer was actually pulling from preexisting African folk lore and mythology, not just throwing in science fiction elements.

I decided to split our conversation right when Chuck began talking about Thomas Yeates’ comic series Tarzan: The Beckoning as Chuck goes into a little bit of Farmer territory here. Chuck then talks briefly about the Hal Foster comic strips, before we move on to discussing Farmer’s Tarzan and how much of a Burroughs fan Farmer was.


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