Pulp Crazy – Mistress of Snarling Death By Paul Chadwick

In this weeks episode I will be discussing Mistress of Snarling Death by Paul Chadwick. This is not the same Paul Chadwick known for the Concrete comic book series at Dark Horse. This Paul Chadwick lived from 1902-1972. Mistress of Snarling Death appeared in the July 1936 issue of Ace Mystery Magazine. Mistress of Snarling Death definitely falls into the Weird Menace genre. The main character of the story is Stephen Demerest, he is called to the New England countryside when he received a letter from a friend of his father, Benjamin Halliday. Demerest hasn’t seen Halliday in years, but when he receives a letter from Halliday asking him come to his house under the guise of a radio repairman to help him out of trouble he decides to go. It is here where he encounters a beautiful and mysterious young woman who commands a pack of large black dogs.

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