Pulp Crazy – Two Hawks From Earth by Philip Jose Farmer


This is a bonus episode in celebration of Philip Jose Farmer’s birthday today, he was born on January 26th, 1918. Farmer wrote for the pulps when he was first starting out in the 1950’s, before the pulp magazines disappeared from existence. Long after the pulps died, he continued to write pulp themed tales as novels, in addition to his vast body of work in science fiction. One of these pulp themed or styled novels is Two Hawks From Earth.

It was originally published under the title of The Gate of Time in 1966 (a title Farmer was not pleased with). The story was revised and expanded in 1969 when it was published under the proper title Two Hawks From Earth. Two Hawks From Earth was reprinted in 1985, but I recommend the most recent printing from Monkey Brain Books in 2009 due to the informative afterword by Christopher Paul Carey. Chris goes into Farmer’s aviation experience, Farmer’s science fiction writing, Farmer’s interest in anthropology and linguistics, and the homages in the novel to the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Chris also delves into the differences between the original publication, The Gates of Creation and Two Hawks From Earth.

Two Hawks From Earth is often described as an Alternate History novel, but while the spirit of alternate history fiction is in there, the hero of the story Roger Two Hawks actually visits an alternate dimension whose history has played out quite differently.

On this Earth (which is spelled Eorthe), the continent of North America never rose above sea-level. The only evidence of North America are the highest points of our mountain ranges which are a chain of islands on this Earth. Since North America never existed, the Bering Strait Ice Bridge never existed for the ancestors of present day Native American to travel across.


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