Pulp Crazy – The Wolf Woman by Bassett Morgan



In this week’s episode I’ll be discussing “The Wolf Woman” written by Bassett Morgan. This story first appeared in the September 1927 issue of Weird Tales, where it was the cover story that month. The cover was illustrated by C.C. Senf.

Bassett Morgan was a pen name for Grace Morgan Jones. She wrote several stories in Weird Tales under this pen name. Weird Tales was the primary pulp she wrote for, but she did have stories appear in Ghost Story, Oriental Stories, and a few others. She had stories published in the pulp magazines from 1926-1936.
I read “The Wolf Woman” in Weird Vampire Tales: 30 Blood-Chilling Stories from the Weird Fiction Pulps. It’s an anthology that was edited by Robert Weinberg, Stefan R. Dziemianowicz and Martin H. Greenberg. Out of the 30 stories reprinted in the anthology 17 are from Weird Tales.

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