Pulp Coming Attractions – Weekly news in the world of Pulp –

The Pulp.Net – A pulp information site with blogs and useful links –

Pulp Den – Pulp author, historian and collector Tom Johnson’s personal blog –

Pulpfest – The Summer’s Great Pulp Convention –

The Book Cave Podcast –

SFF Audio: Science Fiction Audio Books, Podcasts, etc.  –

Laurie’s Wild West Blog – Laurie Powers’ Pulp Blog –

Pulp Curry – The website of writer Andrew Nette devoted to pulp, crime and hardboiled material. –

Paperback Perils – Bill Adcock shares his thoughts on pulp fiction stories. –

The Crossover Universe(TM) – Sean Lee Levin continues chronicling the secret history of the world first revealed in Crossovers Volume 1 and 2 by Win Scott Ecker. Volumes 3 and 4 forthcoming from Levin. –

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