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Pulp Crazy – Black Destroyer by A.E. Van Vogt


In this episode I discuss “Black Destroyer” by A.E. Van Vogt. The story first appeared in the July 1939 issue of Astounding Science Fiction and features the first appearance of Coeurl. Many believe this story ushered in the Golden Age of Science Fiction and is a strong influence on Ridley Scott’s “Alien”. Coeurl, the main antagonist still receives a lot of exposure today thanks to role playing games such as Final Fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.


Read “Black Destroyer” via eText: http://www.baenebooks.com/chapters/0743498747/0743498747___5.htm

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Read “Black Destroyer” via pdf: http://www.digital-eel.com/blog/library/Black_Destroyer.pdf

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