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Pulp Crazy – Is He in Hell? by Win Scott Eckert



In this weeks episode, I’m going to be discussing “Is He In Hell?” by Win Scott Eckert. This Wold Newton Universe short story first appeared in Tales of the Shadowmen Volume 6: Grand Guignol published by Black Coat Press in December 2009. It was later revised and expanded for the definitive release in The Worlds of Philip José Farmer: Protean Dimensions, published by Meteor House in June 2010. I’ll be discussing the latter as it’s the definitive edition of the story and contains more elements tying it to Philip José Farmer’s Wold Newton Universe.

“Is He in Hell?” stars the Scarlet Pimpernel. It’s set in November 1795 and takes place largely in France and Belgium.

The story focuses on Sir Percy Blakeny, the Scarlet Pimpernel as he attempts to save the Baron de Musard from the guillotine. But…things aren’t what they seem on the surface. This is a fast paced action and espionage story, but there are definitely some elements of weird fiction present as well.

Wold Newton 101:

Wold Newton Primer: http://www.thepulp.net/pulp-info/pulp-articles/wold-newton/

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What is the Wold Newton Family?: http://www.pjfarmer.com/woldnewton/Pulp.htm

The Wold Newton Origins Series by Win Scott Eckert:

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The Pat Wildman Series by Win Scott Eckert:

The Evil in Pembrely House (paperback) (co-authored with Farmer) –http://meteorhousepress.com/the-evil-in-pemberley-house/

The Scarlet Jaguar (ebook and new hardcover up for preorder) – http://meteorhousepress.com/the-scarlet-jaguar/
Win Scott Eckert’s website: http://www.winscotteckert.com/

Meteor House: http://meteorhousepress.com/

The Official Philip José Farmer Website: http://pjfarmer.com/