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Pulp Crazy – Sleuth Girl by Don George


In this weeks episode I will be discussing “Sleuth Girl” by Don George. It is a crime story that appeared in the June 1939 issue of Ten Detective Aces. The story is only two pages long and I read it off of the PulpGen website.

The story focuses on Detective Wilcy Whitaker and his partner the titular Sleuth Girl. The two of them are in a park undercover, trying to draw out a criminal known as the Prowler who has been robbing and murdering couples in the park. Assisting them is the woman’s pet squirrel named Red.

Links: Read Sleuth Girl at PulpGen: http://pulpgen.com/pulp/downloads/list_by_mag.php?page=52   Don George at the Fiction Mags Index: http://www.philsp.com/homeville/fmi/s1683.htm