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Pulp Crazy – Shadow by Tom Curry

In this weeks episode I will be discussing Shadow by Tom Curry. Shadow appeared in the April 25, 1929 issue of Short Stories. Shadow is a suspenseful short piece of crime fiction that focuses on Tao, a Chinese fence who operates on the city’s east side. The city is never mentioned, but it is most likely New York or Chicago. Tao, a shrewd criminal mastermind begins to have his doubts about a new crook who has started to bring him stolen goods to sell. The name of the crook is Dave O’Brien. Tao has his men keep an eye on O’Brien, believing he may be a police spy.


Read Shadow by Tom Curry: http://pulpgen.com/pulp/downloads/getpdf.php?id=392

Download the PDF: http://pulpgen.com/pulp/downloads/list_by_author.php?page=20


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