Pulp Crazy – Sun Koh: Heir of Atlantis Volume 1 by Dr. Art Sippo


Art Sippo joins me in discussing his book Sun Koh: Heir of Atlantis Volume 1. I highly recommend this New Pulp title to all fans of the hero pulps (especially Doc Savage), H.P. Lovecraft and Philip Jose Farmer. Art weaves an amazing tale, revamping the Sun Koh character for a modern day audience. Often called the German Doc Savage, Art takes the character into many interesting places and is currently writing and planning future adventures. Art was kind enough to tease some future story lines and share some plans he has for the character. See the links in the show notes for links to Art’s work, including where you can purchase it.


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Pulp Crazy – 50th Episode Special with Ric Croxton & Art Sippo.

In this weeks episode, Pulp Crazy celebrates its 50th Episode. Joining me are Pulp Podcasting Pioneers, Ric Croxton and Art Sippo from the Book Cave Podcast. Without Ric and Art, I wouldn’t be reading pulps, yet alone have a Pulp Podcast. I’ve wanted to talk pulps with these guys for a while. Join us as we run the gamut from Art discussing his love for Doc Savage and Ric discussing his grandfather, pulp writer L.C. Davis. A big thanks to Ric and Art for joining me.

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L.C. Davis @theFictionMagsIndex: http://www.philsp.com/homeville/fmi/s1142.htm

Buckskin Lobo by L.C. Davis: http://pulpmags.org/ten_story_western_page.html 

Pulp Crazy – Thrill Chaser by Mary Ann de Forest


Since Valentine’s Day is this week, I thought it would be fitting to cover a story from one of the Romance Pulps for this episode. So I headed to the pulp magazines project site and found a story that interested me. Thrill Chaser written by Mary Ann de Forest with interior art by Xena Wright was published in the October 20, 1934 issue of Street & Smith’s Love Story Magazine.

The story is a lot of fun. It seems to be set in the early to mid 1930’s and focuses on Linda Carroll, an East Coast young lady of high society with a wild streak in her. She likes to hang out at speakeasies and also trains in stunt work for motion pictures. Her sister and brother in law attempt to set her up with men, but she has yet to meet her match. She isn’t interested in the tame men on the East Coast. She decides to travel Nevada, to visit her uncle’s ranch to seek some thrills.


Read Thrill Seeker @ The Pulp Magazines Project: http://pulpmags.org/love_story_page.html

Mary Ann de Forest @FictionMags Index: http://www.philsp.com/homeville/fmi/s1168.htm

Xena Wright @PulpArtists: http://www.pulpartists.com/Wright.html

Pulp Crazy – The Ice Goes Out by Frank Richardson Pierce

In this weeks episode I will be discussing The Ice Goes Out by Frank Richardson Pierce. It was originally published in the July 1st 1928 issue of Adventure. The Ice Goes Out takes place in the wild Alaskan Frontier during the last 1920’s and centers around a robbery of contest money. The folks in the territory have a competition on who can guess the exact moment the ice will melt on this particular stretch of river. The contest is called the Ice Pool.


Download the PDF or Read the Flip Book @ Pulpmags.org: http://www.pulpmags.org/adventure_page.html

Frank Richardson Pierce @ FictionMagsIndex: http://www.philsp.com/homeville/fmi/d2354.htm  |  http://www.philsp.com/homeville/fmi/x48.htm

Frank Richardson Pierce @ISFDB: http://www.isfdb.org/cgi-bin/ea.cgi?20032