Pulpfest 2013 – Win Scott Eckert & John Allen Small

John Allen Small and Win Scott Eckert read from a selection of their writings.

John reads his tribute to Edgar Rice Burroughs and Philip Jose Farmer, “The Bright Heart of Eternity”. This is the complete piece and is copyright 2011 John Allen Small. John was kind enough to allow me to share this complete work. John also reads from his Avenger story which appears in the the third Moonstone Avenger Anthology, The Roaring Heart of the Crucible.

Win Scott Eckert reads from his new Pat Wildman novella, “The Scarlet Jaguar” and his upcoming Honey West / T.H.E. Cat crossover novel from Moonstone.


John Allen Small’s Website: http://bardofthelesserboulevards.yolasite.com/
John Allen Small at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/John-Allen-Small/e/B003VVJDH6

Win Scott Eckert’s Website: http://www.winscotteckert.com/
Win Scott Eckert at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Win-Scott-Eckert/e/B002BM6T3W

Meteor House: http://meteorhousepress.com/
Moonstone: http://moonstonebooks.com/shop/default.aspx