Pulp Crazy – Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, Congo Christmas OTR


This week Pulp Crazy will be getting into the Christmas Spirit with an Old Time Radio episode starring a pulp character. Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle. This particular episode is titled Congo Christmas and it first aired on 12/20/1951.

This Christmas Themed episode takes place before the Christmas holiday, with Tarzan and his companian N’Kima the monkey vising the village of Karmiki, . Besides the local tribe, the village is home to a Christian Mission run by the Reverend Collier. The beliefs of Christianity are at odds with the native religion led by the High Priest of Neomopo the Moon God. Things are further complicated when two younger members of the tribe from different religions fall in love, and wish to marry. Each of their respective religions are resistant to the marriage. During this conflict, the Eye of Neomopo, a brilliant blue sapphire goes missing, further complicating the climate inside the village.


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