Pulp Crazy – Tarzan and the Gods of Opar Part Two by Mike Grell


In this weeks episode I’m going to be discussing Tarzan and the Gods of Opar Part Two written and illustrated by Mike Grell. It was published a few weeks back in Dark Horse Presents #9.

Part Two  picks up right where Part One left off, with Tarzan rescuing a brunette woman of Opar from a leopard. It turns out this woman isn’t La, but a young priestess named Oona.

She fills Tarzan in on what’s been happening in Opar since the arrival of Sir Richard Kincaid and Wilson via their hot air balloon. The story progresses from there.


Preview: https://www.darkhorse.com/Comics/Previews/24-124?page=0

Buy The Digital Issue: https://digital.darkhorse.com/profile/5568.dark-horse-presents-9-1/

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Mike Grell at ComicBookDB: http://comicbookdb.com/creator.php?ID=1026