Welcome to Pulp Crazy, dedicated to keeping classic pulp literature alive. I plan on covering many different pulp genres, but my favorites are hero pulps and weird fiction.

Pulp characters that many people are familiar with include: The Shadow, Doc Savage, Tarzan and Conan. Stories written by H.P. Lovecraft are also considered pulp stories. If the story was published in inexpensive magazines from 1896 through the 1950’s, consider it pulp.

I will also cover subjects along the fringe area of the classic pulps. Such as classic films of the pulp era, old time radio and modern day tales with a pulp influence.

I plan on creating YouTube videos and doing a bit of podcasting.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy your stay and check out my videos.

Feel free to contact me at  pulpcrazy@gmail.com

-Jason Aiken

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A pulp podcast and video blog dedicated to classic pulp literature, characters, and themes.