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Pulp Crazy – Batman: The Doom That Came To Gotham


In this week’s episode I discuss, Batman: The Doom That Came To Gotham. It’s an Elseworlds tale set in 1928, featuring a pulp Batman encountering Cthulhu Mythos inspired elements.  This was originally published as a prestige format 3-issue mini series. In the past few years, the individual issues proved pricey on the secondary market due to the popularity of Cthulhu Mythos and Lovecraftian fiction, but DC released a trade paperback collecting the series in late December 2015. It’s now available on Amazon for under $11.00.

Writers: Mike Mignola & Richard Pace

Penciller: Troy Nixey

Inker: Dennis Janke

Colorist: Dave Stewart

Editors: Archie Goodwin & Mike Carlin

Batman created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger

Cover Artist: Mike Mignola


Purchase Batman: The Doom That Came To Gotham on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Batman-Doom-That-Came-Gotham/dp/1401258069

Lovecraft eZine: http://lovecraftzine.com

H. P. Lovecraft at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H._P._Lovecraft

Free Lovecraft Complete Fiction ebook (multiple formats): http://arkhamarchivist.com/free-complete-lovecraft-ebook-nook-kindle/


In this weeks episode I will be discussing Batman: Noel by Lee Bermejo. While Batman is not a pulp character, he is the modern day descendant of the classic pulp heroes.

This original graphic novel was published by DC Comics in 2011. Bermejo serves as both the illustrator and writer, with Barbara Ciardo on colors and Todd Klein on letters.

This story is inspired by A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, with Batman and his supporting cast taking up roles akin to the Christmas Classic. Batman takes up the role of Scrooge.


Batman: Noel on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Batman-Noel-Lee-Bermejo/dp/1401232132

Batman: Noel on Comixology: https://www.comixology.com/Batman-Noel/digital-comic/49442

Pulp Crazy – Pulpsters & Batman

In this weeks episode I will be discussing two short stories written by Pulp authors that are about Batman. 2014 marks the 75th Anniversary of the Dark Knight Detective. His first appearance was in Detective Comics #27, which first hit the stands on March 30, 1939. Making this past Sunday his 75th birthday. It’s no secret pulp heroes played a major influence in the creation of Batman, but what some people might not know is that two pulp authors have actually written Batman stories. There may be more than these two, but I’m not aware of them. The two pulpsters I am speaking of are Walter Gibson and Isaac Asimov.  Walter Gibson’s “The Batman Encounters Gray Face” was published in Detective Comics #500 in March of 1981. I read Isaac Asimov’s “Northwestward” in The Further Adventures of Batman collection edited by Martin H. Greenberg published by Bantam Books in 1989.

Detective Comics #500 – http://comicbookdb.com/issue.php?ID=5689

The Further Adventures of Batman – http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/506607.The_Further_Adventures_of_Batman

Batman: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman

Bob Kane: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Kane

Bill Finger: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Finger

Walter Gibson: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_B._Gibson

Isaac Asimov: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaac_Asimov


Pulp Crazy – Batman: Detective #27


In this weeks episode I discuss Batman: Detective #27 by Michael Uslan and Peter Snejbjerg. Detective #27 could be described as, “What If Bruce Wayne Was a Pulp Hero?” The book contains many guest stars, both historical and fictional.

Buy the Book at Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/op26peo

Michael Uslan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Uslan
Peter Snejbjerg: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Snejbjerg

Operator No. 5: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operator_No._5

The Book Cave Podcast: http://thebookcave.libsyn.com/