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Pulp Crazy – The Prophecy by Hugh B. Cave


In this weeks episode I will be discussing The Prophecy by Hugh B. Cave. It first appeared in the October 1934 issue of Black Book Detective. The Prophecy can be categorized more as a horror story, than a detective story. I would peg the time period around the year it was published, 1934. It involves four young whites who decide to pay a visit to a black church that is deep into the spiritualist movement of the day. As a matter of fact, a nice name drop to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is made in the story. A fifth member of the group warns them against going, insisting that something bad will happen to them, hence the title of the story.


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Pulp Crazy – The Price of Vengeance by Hugh B. Cave


In this episode I will be discussing The Price of Vengeance by Hugh B. Cave. It was first published in the August 1929 issue of Action Stories. It was later reprinted as “The Red Trail to Zanzibar” in the Summer 1950 issue of Jungle Stories, where it was credited to the pseudonym of John Starr, an Adventure House pen name.

The story takes place in the African Jungle and features two men, Bruce Kerman and another man known only as Corony. Corony has been tracking Kerman for 4 years through the African jungle hoping to extract revenge on him for killing his brother. Corony finally tracks him down to a hut just before local natives launch an attack in response to Kerman killing their chief earlier in the day. Kerman and Corony are forced to put aside their differences and join forces to repel the invaders.



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