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Pulp Crazy – The Picture in the House by H.P. Lovecraft




This week’s story is The Picture In the House by H.P. Lovecraft. According to Wikipedia the story was written on December 12, 1920. The story was first published in the July 1919 issue of The National Amateur, this issue was actually published in the Summer of 1921. This is one of Lovecraft’s earlier stories from his amateur press days.

The story is narrated by a genealogist who is conducting research on the Miskatonic Valley. He’s traveling by bicycle and takes refuge in an old house in the woods as a storm is brewing. He finds the house is inhabited and the owner is a unique individual. To put it mildly.

According to Wikipedia, this story includes the first mention of the Miskatonic Valley and Arkham. This puts the story within Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.

A Librivox audio recording of the story is included.


Free Lovecraft eBook: http://cthulhuchick.com/free-complete-lovecraft-ebook-nook-kindle/


The Picture in the House eText: http://www.hplovecraft.com/writings/texts/fiction/ph.aspx


The Picture in the House Audio Reading: https://librivox.org/horror-story-collection-002/


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