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Pulp Crazy – Roads by Seabury Quinn

With this weeks episode being the last one until Christmas, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight my favorite Christmas pulp story. A tale that chronicles the secret origin of Santa Claus, “Roads” written by Seabury Quinn with remarkable illustrations by Virgil Finlay. “Roads” first appeared in the January 1938 issue of Weird Tales, but has been reprinted several time since. It is currently available as an eBook for a very affordable price of $2.99. I think all Weird Tales fans will enjoy it.


Kindle Edition: Here

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Virgin Finlay Art From:



Pulp Crazy – Bon Voyage, Michele by Seabury Quinn


In this episode I discuss Bon Voyage, Michele by Seabury Quinn. It is a weird romance tale set in Germany after World War I. The story first appeared in the January 1944 issue of Weird Tales. It features werewolves as they are depicted in traditional European folklore and myths.


Bon Voyage, Michele eText: http://www.unz.org/Pub/WeirdTales-1944jan-00006

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Tellers of Weird Tales: http://www.tellersofweirdtales.blogspot.com/

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