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Pulp Crazy – Honorary Pulp Heroes


In this weeks episode I will be discussing Honorary Pulp Characters. These are characters who are often referred to as pulp, and have been kind of adopted by the some of the pulp community. I should say, the opinions in this episode are solely my own logic. I’m not speaking for the pulp community as a whole, this is just one fan’s opinion.. Heck, during the course of writing this episode, I even found out that one of these character is in fact a true pulp character if I apply my logic to the situation. I make sure to give him his props.

I just focused on American characters, as tackling the German and French characters who are referred to as pulp characters could be a whole other episode, and I’m not very knowledgeable about either set.

Clarification on Fu Manchu appearing in the Golden Scorpion:


He appears, but is not named.




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