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Pulp Adventures Mod by Benton Grey

Pulp Adventures Mod


Pulp Adventures Mod by Benton Grey

If you’re interested in video games, I’m willing to bet you’re familiar with mods and the mod community. Mods are fan-made modifications to games already in existence. I was recently made aware of a mod for a World War II Super Hero video game that swaps out the pre-existing super hero characters and their missions with a wide variety of pulp heroes and pulp-styled missions.


The video game in question is Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich, which was originally created by Irrational Games back in 2005 for the PC. It’s now available to download via the Steam store. This is a real-time tactical role-playing game where you control a group of heroes who time travel back in time to World War II and fight the Nazis.

I’m somewhat familiar with this franchise as the artwork always caught my attention due to its strong Jack Kirby influence, but I can’t say I’ve ever investigated it too deeply. Given the premise, it seems to be an ideal base product to insert some pulpy goodness.


With the Pulp Adventures Mod by Benton Grey, rather than the stock heroes, players control the likes of Doc Savage, The Shadow, Indiana Jones, The Green Hornet, Kato, the Rocketeer, The Spider, The Spirit, The Lone Ranger, Tonto, Tarzan, Conan the Barbarian, The Phantom, Captain Midnight, Miss Fury, Dick Tracy, Jungle Jim, Kolu, Monk Mayfair, Ham Brooks, and Renny Renwick on a unique campaign of 17 world-spanning missions. Also, according to the website, “the story features several classic pulp villains and a twisting, turning plot that ties into the settings and adventures of many of the starring characters.”


In addition to the huge cast available in the campaign mode mentioned above, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, and John Carter of Mars are playable in the sandbox mode at the moment.


You can download Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich on Steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/8890/

You can download the Pulp Adventures Mod and obtain more information here: https://bentongrey.wordpress.com/pulp-adventures-mod/

Here’s a YouTube video that shows Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich in action:


Looks pretty cool, I don’t have as much time for video games as I used to, but Pulp Adventures looks like something all of us Pulp fans could really get into.

Pulp Crazy – Honorary Pulp Heroes


In this weeks episode I will be discussing Honorary Pulp Characters. These are characters who are often referred to as pulp, and have been kind of adopted by the some of the pulp community. I should say, the opinions in this episode are solely my own logic. I’m not speaking for the pulp community as a whole, this is just one fan’s opinion.. Heck, during the course of writing this episode, I even found out that one of these character is in fact a true pulp character if I apply my logic to the situation. I make sure to give him his props.

I just focused on American characters, as tackling the German and French characters who are referred to as pulp characters could be a whole other episode, and I’m not very knowledgeable about either set.

Clarification on Fu Manchu appearing in the Golden Scorpion:


He appears, but is not named.




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