Pulp Crazy – Brotherhood of the Wolf



This weeks episode was inspired by my talk with Jean-Marc Lofficier of Black Coat Press last week. During Jean-Marc’s discussion of French Cinema, he mentioned Brotherhood of the Wolf, or Le Pacte des Loups. This is one of my favorite cult movies, so I thought I would re-watch it and do an episode on it this week. I wouldn’t call it a pulp movie, but it certainly would be at home in Weird Tales magazine, and the lead characters could have their own series in Adventure magazine.

Brotherhood of the Wolf is a historical horror/action movie directed by Christophe Gans, based on the Beast of Gevaudan. It was released in January 2001 in France, and came out here in the US in September 2001.

The King sends his Royal Taxidermist and knight, Grégoire de Fronsac played wonderfully by Samuel Le Bihan to investigate and identify the beast. De Fronsac is a well traveled guy, having been to the Americas. He’s a naturalist, soldier, and a very talented artist. Accompanying De Fronsac is his Iroquois friend, Mani, who is of the Mohawk tribe. Mani is De Fronsac’s best friend and blood brother. Mani is played by Mark Dacascos, and his martial arts abilities are utilized in the film.

The film seems to be out of print, but some vendors are still selling copies on Amazon.


Brotherhood of the Wolf on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Brotherhood-Wolf-Christophe-Gans/dp/B00006ADEM