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I love classic pulps.

Pulpfest 2013 – Fu Manchu and the Yellow Peril Pulps


Panelists Ed Hulse, Gene Christie, Win Scott Eckert, Nathan Madison, William Patrick Maynard and Will Murray discuss Sax Rohmer’s Fu Manchu.

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Pulpfest 2013 – Doc & the King

Will Murray and Radio Archives’ Roger Price, discuss the new Doc Savage novel, “Skull Island”. This novel is a Doc Savage and King Kong crossover. Will lets us in on how the project came to fruition and his writing process. Roger reads from the prologue and first chapter.

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Pulpfest 2013 – The Future of New Pulp Fiction

The Future of New Pulp Fiction panel featuring Ron Fortier, Jim Beard, Win Scott Eckert, Rick Lai and Frank Schildiner.

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Pulpfest 2013 – Walter Baumhofer: King of the Pulps

Pulp Art expert David Saunders discusses pulp artist Walter Baumhofer, who is called the King of the Pulps.

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MP3 of David’s Presentation about artist John Allen St. John from Pulpfest 2012:

Pulpfest 2013 – Doc Savage and the Pulp Heroes of 1933

This panel featured pulp experts Nick Carr, Don Hutchison, Will Murray, Garyn Roberts and Ed Hulse. Many pulp characters were covered, but the coolest thing was hearing that Nick Carr and Don Hutchison were reading the pulps during this time period. Both of them gave their first hand experiences which were very interesting. The panel also discussed the Great Depression and its effect on the Hero Pulps. The heroes included: Nick Carter, Doc Savage, the Lone Eagle, G-8 and his Battle Aces, The Spider, Pete Rice and the Phantom Detective.

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Pulpfest 2013 – Farmercon VIII


Christopher Paul Carey, Win Scott Eckert, Rick Lai, Arthur Sippo and John Allen Small discuss Philip Jose Farmer’s contributions to the Doc Savage mythos. Prior to the panel, Mike Croteau of Meteor House awards Matt Moring of Altus Press a Farmerphile award for his work on the new edition of Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life.

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Pulpfest 2013 – Win Scott Eckert & John Allen Small

John Allen Small and Win Scott Eckert read from a selection of their writings.

John reads his tribute to Edgar Rice Burroughs and Philip Jose Farmer, “The Bright Heart of Eternity”. This is the complete piece and is copyright 2011 John Allen Small. John was kind enough to allow me to share this complete work. John also reads from his Avenger story which appears in the the third Moonstone Avenger Anthology, The Roaring Heart of the Crucible.

Win Scott Eckert reads from his new Pat Wildman novella, “The Scarlet Jaguar” and his upcoming Honey West / T.H.E. Cat crossover novel from Moonstone.


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Pulpfest 2013 – Hollywood & The Hero Pulps

Blood ‘n’ Thunder editor and Pulpfest committee member, Ed Hulse discusses Hollywood’s attempts to bring the Hero Pulps to the silver screen.

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